Unveil 3D video-mapping at Kristiinankatu 1 by United VJ’s

The 3D piece Unveil, created by means of video mapping, will bring the rich shapes of the Art Nouveau building to life with lights, colours and a variety of moving patterns and figures. Digital technology and art are used to create strong visual and optical illusions and their impact is further emphasised with electronic music that echoes the rhythms of the piece.

Unveil brings the Eurocultured Street Culture Project to a spectacular conclusion. During 2010 and 2011, the Eurocultured Project by the EU Culture Programme has included several festivals and workshops and various new works have been created by local teenagers in Finland, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Romania. In May 2011, a large Eurocultured Street Culture Festival was held in Turku as a part of the Capital of Culture year programme.

This event is free of charge and funded by the Turku 2011 Foundation and the European Commission via the Culture Programme.

The artists involved are:

VIDEO MAPPING: UNITED VJS – VJ Zaz , VJ Spetto, Roger S., Viktor Vicsek

«UNITED VJs» creatively integrates the digital arts using optical illusion, 3D, Video Mapping, architecture, software programming, sound and video. They are an International crew from São Paulo, with partners across Brazil and Europe. This young and proactive multidisciplinary team of VJs and Artists, have performed in such special locations such as Budapest, La Paz (Bolivia), London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Transylvania (Romania), Colombia and as remote as the Portuguese Azores Islands somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

«We are for the Arts and the evolution of man and womankind through unique multimedia sensory experiences. We create a new kind of media art without the distinctions that raises barriers between technology and the artists! Let us wish, craft and crack the new media.» http://unitedvjs.org/

Soundtrack: Adam Freeland & Nico de Transilvania

Adam Freeland is an English DJ and producer associated with break beat based electronic music. He is the owner / creative director of record label Marine Parade and has released 8 albums and remixed for household names such as Pink, The Doors, Nirvana, Kelis, The White Stripes and was nominated for a Grammy for his remix of ‘Fever’ by Sarah Vaughan. http://www.freeland.fm/

Nico de Transilvania. Native born Transilvanian, now Brighton based DJ/performer, Nico has carved her own niche with a unique blend of Balkan/Swing & Electro sounds, the emphasis is on the Balkan!

Local production assistance: Soul Productions

Art Direction: UNITED VJS
Direction: Sumit Sarkar
Produced by Spearfish.
Funded by the Turku 2011 Foundation and the European Commission via the Culture Programme.

http://www.spearfish.co.uk and http://www.eurocultured.com // http://www.turku2011.fi

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