Geneva dance company Diadé hired us to create a backdrop video for their new show «Metro». Technical requirements were as such : the whole backdrop had to look like a metro train, so we built a 9m by 3m screen to project upon. The elements had to be independently triggered : opening of doors, titling of the metro axis, outside view (through the windows), charting speed, insertion of other elements as vehicles or fake billboards, etc.

The use of Resolume became obvious really fast, as 80% of medias used were created with Quartz composer like the 3D metro train or the backdrops charting on different layers. The Resolume interface, with its layers levels and its possibility to control directly Quartz composer elements offered us the flexibility we needed. More over, we had to use 2 10.000 lumens beamers connected to a Mac via a matrox triplehead. Using IRmapio, we were able to create a soft edge in no time.

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