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Sun Boxes by Craig Colorusso

Sun Boxes is an experimentation with sound and solar energy. 20 Sun boxes constructed with wood and equipped with solar panels, speakers, amplifiers and electronic sound modules were placed in the Desert as part of the Off The Grid exhibition at the Goldwell Residency in Rhyolite Nevada in June 2009. Each box emitted a singular sound at a specific interval, the sound composition is generated when the sun rises and ends when the sun falls. Using solar power allows the composition to vary infinitely depending on the clouds, the amount of sun, and the shadows of the spectator.

vía Craig Colorusso Sun Boxes – YouTube.

Midi Fighter 3D Controller from DJ TechTools

Today we’re very proud to usher in the newest DJTT creation: The Midi Fighter 3D controller.  Equipped with 16 RGB arcade buttons and full three dimensional tracking of the controller’s movement in space, this latest addition to the Midi Fighter line is our most ambitious and expressive creation to date.

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