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NuFormer, 3D video mapping – Matenadaran, Yerevan, Armenia – April 2012

To celebrate the official nomination of Yerevan as the UNESCO World Book Capital of 2012, NuFormer was commissioned to translate Armenia’s literary history into a stunning 3D video mapping projection. The colorful historical works stored in the Matenadaran, a depository for ancient manuscripts and books, provided a beautiful source of inspiration for a vivid 3D animation.

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Light Rhapsody by Vivien Testard

We are two young french directors that decided to create a real time installation and make a video from it.

«Light Rhapsody» is a real time human lighting sculpture. A 3D model has been projected in real time over the real model through a projecting device. It creates a radiant dissemination emanating from her skin.That projection was animated and progress over her entire body until it has reached and invaded her face.

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X-Men: First Class 3D Mapping in Hollywood

In celebration of the Blu-ray and DVD release of X-Men: First Class, Pearl Media is displaying a 3D projection mapping image in Hollywood.

The image, which looks like a hologram, will appear at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where the mutants from the «X-Men» movie will appear larger than life.

Hot Wheels Secret Race Battle – 3D projection mapping in Sydney

Hot Wheels Secret Race Battle

On Thursday March 10, Hot Wheels™ lit up Circular Quay, showcasing groundbreaking 3D projection technology at Customs House in Sydney, Australia. In a spine tingling show, the notorious Hot Wheels™ Skull Racers shattered the facade of Customs House as they competed in the ultimate speed racing battle.

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