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ARTcrylic Session «Backpiece Edition» feat: Atom, Wow123, Kent & Jukebox Cowboys

Do you remember the days when graffiti artists used to customize their clothes and gave them their own «branding» and look? What was a common practice back then is nowadays seen not that often. AtomOne, Kent, Wow123 and two JukeBoxCowboys joined together to paint their own «backpieces», using our Montana ACRYLIC Markers. Proofing that they work on canvas as well! Here is the video from this ARTcrylic session, enjoy!

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Buff Monster x Standard Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

A video documenting the progression of artist Buff Monster installing his latest mixed media mural at The Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles in January 2012. Montana Spray Cans provided by Montana Store Los Angeles / 33third Los Angeles. Shop online @

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