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Bookmarks Awards 2012 (documentary)

Lucan Visuals take it to the big stage with awesome visuals mapped to an amazing stage design.

A behind the scenes look at setting up the large scale projection mapping installation at the Bookmarks Awards 2012.

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O (Omicron) por Romain Tardy (AntiVJ)

O (Omicron)

A permanent installation directed by Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié

Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland.

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AV invader – 8 bits and light by Laura Ramirez – Optikal Ink Lab

“AV Invader – 8 bits and light” is a huge space invader that serves as a multi-projectable surface to create optical illusions, and at the same time as a stage that displays the DJ inside. The visual concept is a trip through 80’s video games and 8-bit culture.Video Mapping for electronic party in Bogotá – Colombia.

Project Direction, Original idea, Stage design and visual concept by Laura Ramirez – Optikal Ink Lab

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International support and advice: Boris Edelstein. VJ’s : Optika and Boris Edelstein. Videos and Pics by Garage Cube. Song : BIRDY NAM NAM – Trans Boulogne Express (Yuksek remix).

Main DJ : John Acquaviva, Local DJ’s: La French Toast, Dj H, Mono.
Event produced and supported by Municipality of Bogota and IDRD.