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3D Projection Mapping promoting The Tourist in Dallas

This building projection was to promote the movie «The Tourist» starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas hosted a party with this 3D architectural mapping projection art show, it was projected on the Praetorian Building at 1607 Main Street.

The size of the projection was 80′ x 80′. Produced by TVP

Executive producer was Monster Media –
Digital Architectural Projection Mapping by IllumeNight.

All content created by Jack Hattingh and Alan Demafiles. Audio Alan Vilatoro and John Joiner. This was produced by TVP under Jack Hattingh’s leadership.

Unveil 3D video-mapping at Kristiinankatu 1 by United VJ’s

The 3D piece Unveil, created by means of video mapping, will bring the rich shapes of the Art Nouveau building to life with lights, colours and a variety of moving patterns and figures. Digital technology and art are used to create strong visual and optical illusions and their impact is further emphasised with electronic music that echoes the rhythms of the piece.

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